A Haunted Beginning

Around the turn of the century, as the Ringling Brothers and P.T. Barnum were wowing crowds in the big cities with their three-ring travelling show, another set of brothers were sowing fear and terror in the small, dusty towns bypassed by the big circuses with a mysterious, menacing freak show. They tweaked their name to Strangling Brothers and they dispatched on their enemies.

Crawling from town to town, the Strangling Brothers offered more than just screams and horror to the local thrill seekers. The ruthless and cunning brothers also offered the freaks and outcasts they encountered a home where they could live out their perversions in squalid darkness.


Visitors must take care. The Strangling Brothers still have a thirst for new blood, and they have a skill for attracting new victims who are never seen again. Each town they visit feeds their appetite for ghastly experimentation on unsuspecting guests.

Walk carefully through this scary tour with its endless scenes of ghoulish clowns and freakish chaos. Many say the confusion and fear created by the Strangling Brothers is like an infectious nightmare. Just listen as you exit to their siren song: “You can go, but you can never leave the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus.”