The Scariest Horror Movie Villains of All Time

Horror movie villains aren’t real. They’re only fictional characters. We all know this. But when you’re in a dark room, or walking down an unlit alleyway, or hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, you can’t stop your heart from racing, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it’s one of them. The truth Read More..

Four Signs You Might be a Zombie

Nobody wants to be a zombie. They’re dumb, they smell, and they have a nasty tendency to leak bodily fluids all over the place. I’ve already packed my survival kit for when the zombie apocalypse arrives (and you know it’s coming) just to be safe. Of course, as you’re reading this, it may be too Read More..

History’s Nightmares: Three Scary People You Should Be Glad Are Dead

The scariest monsters in history have not been creatures of the imagination, mythical beings of legend. No, the scariest monsters in history have been all too human. Bloodthirsty tyrants and depraved lunatics, these are the real terrors who have crept in the night. Before you continue, lock your doors. Hide under the bed. These are Read More..

How to Survive An Alien Invasion

If you were to wake up one morning and find a giant spacecraft hovering over your neighborhood, what would you do? Would you run? Would you hide in your basement? Would you make yourself a tinfoil hat? While just about everyone has thought about the possibility of an alien invasion, few know what to do Read More..

Four Scary Books You Will Never Forget

Anyone who claims that “reading is dead” obviously hasn’t picked up a book worth reading. Some of the most impactful pieces of art come in the form of prose—and we’re not talking about a mushy gushy emotional impact. We’re talking about thrilling, terrifying scares! Books can be as scary as the local neighborhood zombie, and Read More..

Five Video Games That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Back in the days of Pong and Donkey Kong, video games were a fun and cute little way to pass the time. Not anymore. Today, many game designers push the limits to see how fast they can make your heart race with suspenseful soundtracks, gory quests, and horrific blood-curdling imagery. After performing a few tests Read More..

Beware the Mad Clown Magician: You Never Know What Trick He’s Up to Next

As kids, we grow up believing that magicians are some of the coolest people around. They perform crazy card tricks, pull rabbits out of hats, and even make people disappear! From kids’ parties to large-scale events, they’re always out to give people a good old time. Not so at The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus. The Read More..

Three Signs Your Neighbor is a Cannibal

Does your neighbor give you the creeps? Does he ever look at you as though he wants to snap off your arms like lobster-claws and suck out the marrow? While it’s possible your neighbor is just a weirdo, it’s also possible he may be a sharp-toothed, bone-crunching cannibal. If you suspect the latter, look out Read More..

The Five Scariest Movies You’ve Never Seen

If you’re a real scary movie buff, you’ve already seen the classics — Poltergeist, Psycho The Ring, The Blair Witch Project, Amityville Horror, etc. — and you can’t wait to be scared all over again. Finding a great scary movie, though, can be a lot harder than it seems. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for Read More..

Five Terrifying Animals You Never Want to Meet

We human beings often take comfort in being at the top of the food chain. After all, we sort of run this show. We make our own food. We have opposable thumbs. Overall, we’re pretty great. Nothing gets in our way, right? Not so fast. While we may have smartphones and high-tech blenders, these fearsome Read More..