Experience the High Tech Horror of Strangling Brothers…from the moment you step out of your car!

A show so frightening, you’ll want to come back again… and bring your friends!

For the first time in Texas, come face to face with real high-tech horror. For thrill seekers and families alike, this is one Hollywood-like attraction you won’t want to miss.

Arriving on the grounds you are greeted by…
…a fire-spitting semi-truck run by a crazed clown

Venturing into the tent…
…avoid being toppled by a stack of blood thirsty clowns
…skip the popcorn and cotton candy served by blood-bursting and vomit-spurting clown vendors
…rock out to live bands, and witness the wonder of a mad clown magician
…experience a 45-minute preview video on a 16-foot screen that will get your blood pumping with the anticipation of what is to come

Entering the haunted maze expect…
…the gore-filled circus clinic and its deranged doctor and blood-spattered nurse
…the screams of horror as grotesque clowns emerge from the mist
…the thrills of the stomach-dropping fun-house light show where the walls and floors seem to come alive

Experience (with caution!) the entire production through a maze of terrifying real-life clowns, curious creatures, cutting-edge animatronics and innovative lighting in a boisterous sound environment.


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